Using COM3D Ubuntu repository

To have possibility install COM3D code suite, you have to set up access to the repository first.

Please, make the following steps carefully. All these steps should be done with administrative privileges, i.e., as root or using sudo.

Ensure that package apt-transport-https is installed
$ sudo apt install apt-transport-https

Download signing key com3d.gpg and add it to apt
$ sudo apt-key add com3d.gpg

Create a file named com3d.list in folder /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
$ sudoedit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/com3d.list

And put in this file one of the following lines, which corresponds to your Ubuntu distribution:

For Ubuntu Xenial (16.04) (outdated version does not updated anymore)
deb https://<user>:<password> xenial main
For Ubuntu Bionic (18.04)
deb https://<user>:<password> bionic main
For Ubuntu Disco (19.04)
deb https://<user>:<password> disco main

In this line replace <user> and <password> with your username and password for accessing website.

Then update package lists

$ sudo apt update

and install or upgrade required package(s) from COM3D version 5.0 collection using command

$ sudo apt install <package(s)>

where <package(s)> is one or more of the following packages:

  • com3d-5-com – COM3D com – main calculation module
  • com3d-5-com-abaqus – COM3D com with support of ABAQUS co-simulation
  • com3d-5-com1d – COM1D – 1-dimensional combustion code
  • com3d-5-comfile – COM3D comfile – initial state preparation.
  • com3d-5-common – COM3D – common files
  • com3d-5-comserver – COM3D comserv – communication server between com and vizir
  • com3d-5-doc – documentation for com3d
  • com3d-5-utils – COM3D utils – several utilities for post- and pre-processing of data
  • com3d-5-vizir – COM3D vizir – GUI program for controlling of calculations

debug version is also available

  • com3d-5-com-dbgsym – debug symbols for com3d-5-com
  • com3d-5-com-abaqus-dbgsym – debug symbols for com3d-5-com-abaqus
  • com3d-5-com1d-dbgsym – debug symbols for com3d-5-com1d
  • com3d-5-comfile-dbgsym – debug symbols for com3d-5-comfile
  • com3d-5-comserver-dbgsym – debug symbols for com3d-5-comserver
  • com3d-5-utils-dbgsym – debug symbols for com3d-5-utils
  • com3d-5-vizir-dbgsym – debug symbols for com3d-5-vizir

If you have installed com-server then check that it is enabled and started

$ sudo systemctl status comserv5.service
$ sudo systemctl start comserv5.service
$ sudo systemctl enable comserv5.service

For Ubuntu Xenial (16.04) COM3D code version 4.10 is available. To install packages of this version run

$ sudo apt install <package(s)>

for one or more packages from this list:

  • com3d-com1d
  • com3d-com
  • com3d-comfile
  • com3d-common
  • com3d-comserver
  • com3d-doc
  • com3d-utils
  • com3d-vizir